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Time out! 2005-05-31

Back to work after a long weekend, and what a productive weekend it was: I paired with Itamar on some fun stuff (more about this later), and some Twisted fixes and enhancements too ;)

Today I paired with Glyph on work stuff. It didn’t feel like the most productive day, but we did accomplish a few concrete tasks: a deployment-blocking bug got fixed (it’s hard to feel too great about this, though: it was a regression, and one I introduced no less); a few demo features got hammered out (but mostly refinements of previous ideas and implementations). Pairing is great even on bad days though: the result is always that much better, the work goes that much faster, and the extra level of communication helps resettle other problems I might be having (even ones I’m not aware of yet), which carries over into subsequent days.

After work (well, eventually, it was probably about 10:30 PM by the time we got started), Glyph, Ying and I relaxed with _Sin City_. Okay: relaxed is not the right word. Still, one must qualify these things as entertainment (I think I actually did like the movie (this is not to say I enjoyed it (don’t ask me what the difference between those things is, I’m still working on it myself)), but I did feel physically ill by the time it was over).

But there is one distinct and unwavering downside to a day of pairing. Since I’m not constantly checking my mailbox all day, things tend to pile up. Today I came home to 113 messages to read, about 15 of which I could reasonably be expected to reply to, and half that which I really, really should take care of (not tonight though, I decided to blog about it instead). I suppose I could look on the bright side: I know exactly what I’m doing tomorrow morning before work.