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Redux 2005-09-23

In no particular order:

twisted.protocols.telnet is now officially deprecated. I checked in the warning today. twisted.conch.telnet has been the preferred telnet implementation for some time, but it did not seem visible enough.

The Nevow callRemote branch is nearly finished. It probably would have been merged by now if I hadn’t been sick most of this week. The branch provides an alternate implementation of the LivePage idea. The main difference is that instead of passing code around to be evaluated, it uses uses MochiKit for Deferreds and lets you pass data from client to server and vice versa. The API is remeniscent of Twisted’s Perspective Broker.

Divmod has released Pyflakes 0.2.0. This release adds support for Python 2.4, by way of understanding generator expressions and function decorators.

For everyone who is looking to contribute to Twisted but has never been able to figure out how, here’s your chance. There are about twenty new issues (1183 through 1202) in the Twisted issue tracker. They’re all very tractable amounts of well-defined work. They all refer to inadequacies in particular Twisted unit tests. Grab one and submit a patch!