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#politics 2004-09-30
<bush> terrorists r bad
<kerry> but their in afganistan lol
<bush> iraq is bad 2
<kerry> yea ok but u did a bad job what about the un this war is bad
<bush> the un is w/ me y do u hate america so much
<kerry> omg i dont this is the wrong war
<bush> dont say that bcoz the soldiers will be sad
<kerry> i was in vietnam
<bush> i am a strong leader
<kerry> u made big mistakes i would have done it better
<bush> its no mistake plus u always change ur mind
<kerry> do u shop at pottery barn
<bush> lol stfu
<kerry> jk but 4 real i can do a better job
<bush> this job is hard we must win i can do it
<kerry> man the facts say diff
<bush> look they attacked us we had 2 fight back
<kerry> dude iraq never attacked us
<bush> lol i know i mean the other guy
<kerry> neway plus nobody trusts u
<bush> there wrong i had to do it whatvr
<kerry> what about plutonium in korea
<bush> dumbass it was uranium
<kerry> oh nvm neway iran 2 u always want 2 do it urself
<bush> i didnt even put sanctions on iran
<kerry> ur girls are cute do they have boyfriends
<bush> …
<kerry> jk neway u dont pay attention to reality i will if i am prez
<bush> i can pay attention but i just dont wanna change my mind like u its cool dont worry
<kerry> i dont change my mind im strong not wussy like w/ nukes there bad
<bush> i can handle nukes dont worry theirs lots of countries helping 2 plus star wars man its almost done
<kerry> north korea man ur a liar ill do it better
<bush> i GOT north korea mean chill shit
<kerry> ok i gotta go soon so last thing 4 the parents out theyre i will keep ur kids safe not kill ’em peace out
<bush> ok vrybody just remember i am strong and ill win the war go liberty wooo god bless u