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Planting trees, day 4 2011-04-29
Almost! Today we rented a bushhog and a chipper/shredder. We cleared (almost) all the brush where the trees will go and we shredded what we cut earlier in the week for woodchips. The shredder was a slight disappointment; it couldn’t really keep up most of the time, it went through gas like mad, and there was a mixup about its oil levels that left it out of commission for an hour or two. The bushhog was great, though. We also did a little final cleaning at the cabin. We bought all of the lime the hardware store had (it was only 200 pounds). We also wrote up instruction cards for helpers tomorrow. Jericho’s parents arrived with the trees and a lot of food. The trees are taller than I expected. We planted one to run through the instructions (a honey crab). Five other planting helpers showed up after dinner and we got them situated. Planting TOMORROW!