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Learn About Twisted at PyCon 2012 2012-01-10

At PyCon this year I’ll be presenting a tutorial to introduce Python programmers to Twisted. This tutorial has two goals. First, to give attendees a firm grasp of Twisted’s concurrency model, both in the abstract and the concrete. Second, to remove the mystery around the tools Twisted provides for developing robust, testable concurrent applications. If you attend, you’ll come away with an understanding of how event loops work and how to write code that works best in Twisted’s event loop.

I am a long time core Twisted developer with real world experience building maintainable, scalable systems with Twisted. I’ve also presented similar introductory Twisted tutorials several times in the past, letting me learn the common sticking points and teaching approaches to help overcome them.

Check out the tutorial’s page on the PyCon 2012 website for details about what will be covered. Come learn how to leverage Twisted and Twisted-based libraries to their fullest extent!