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Get your chat on 2005-10-21

Twisted Words 0.3.0 has just been released! Twisted Words provides implementations of a handful of IM protocols, including IRC, MSNP8, OSCAR, TOC, and Jabber. Twisted Words also comes with a multi-protocol server built around a few simple interfaces, the goal of which is to facilitate implementations of novel servers, clients, and bots. Out of the box, Twisted Words comes with server that accepts connections over IRC and PB, and seeks out installed third-party plugins to support other interfaces (for example, the Nevow LivePage web-based interface currently sitting in one of my sandboxes.

Since the last release, the server infrastructure has been greatly simplified, documentation improved, extraneous code removed, and test coverage increased. Jabber support has also grown immensely. Ralph Meijer has taken over maintenance and is driving new feature development. Additionally, twisted.xish has moved to twisted.words.xish, since it is purely a support module for Twisted Words Jabber support. As far as I know, no one outside of Twisted is using Xish directly: if you were, I’m sorry, if you come over to my house I will make you a cheese sandwich to make up for it. Update your code to import from the new location, or stop using it, or keep the last release around.

I think Twisted Words has some exciting development in its near future. Stay tuned. You can download Twisted Words 0.3.0 or visit the project page.