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Divmod Epsilon 0.4.0 released 2005-12-20

Dear Intarweb,

Today Divmod released its Epsilon package. Divmod Epsilon is a Python package with some useful stuff. It has a library for doing time. It also has a module for running jobs. And it has some other things like a metaclass for defining modal types and also a Version class.

Epsilon 0.4.0 has two new features. The first new feature is for creating folders with files in them. It uses a string to define the folders and what’s in them.

The second new feature is a library for patching old versions of third-party libraries so they have new features or bugfixes. This feature is called hotfix. It does helpful stuff like check versions and only apply the fixes if the library is too old.

I hope you have fun with Epsilon 0.4.0!