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Divmod Athena Released! 2005-12-20

Okay it is not really called Divmod Athena but I am excited so cut me some slack. It is with no small amount of personal satisfaction that I bring you news of the latest and greatest (thus far) Nevow release. Nevow 0.7.0 brings several minor bugfixes and feature enhancements over 0.6.0, but by far the most outstanding change is the work that has been done on nevow.athena.

Athena has two new related features that are really slick. The first is LiveFragment. As Fragments allowed you to define rendering behavior in units smaller than a page, and then combine multiple Fragments to make up a complete page, LiveFragments allow you to define behavior for Client-to-Server and Server-to-Client events which can then be mixed and matched to form the complete page. The second is Nevow.Athena.Widget, a JavaScript class, subclasses of which can be used to track client-side state, handle input events, handle events from the server, and manipulate the portion of the DOM (ie, the UI) for which they are responsible.

I could jabber on for hours at this point, but I’ll save that for later. Go look at the examples I linked above, or try them out. Then download Nevow 0.7.0 and write some kick-ass software. I command it.