Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Upgrading from buildbot 0.7.12 to 0.8.2

Some notes from my experience upgrading Twisted's buildmaster installation:

  • Jinja2 is at, not the URL in the BuildBot docs (perhaps fixed by

  • simplejson was already installed, but BuildBot's " install" easy_installed another copy of it anyway
  • buildbot.status.html.Waterfall is really gone now

  • The "path_to_root" method of buildbot.status.web.base.HtmlResource is gone, but there is a free function of the same name in that module that does the same thing

  • The HtmlResource method to override to generate content is now "content" not "body" and takes an extra "context" argument (perhaps fixed by

  • The build history format has been upgraded again, meaning that the master will now spend the majority of its time loading old pickles, upgrading them in memory, using them, then throwing them away so that it has to do the work all over again next time (perhaps fixed by

  • Some unpredictable quantity of build history from before upgrading will still appear in the web status views, but not all of it

  • public_html/index.html will be moved to templates/root.html by the master upgrader


  1. People should probably be used to setupstools clobbering their already installed packages by now. It doesn't have to break much already installed software before people either start using virtualenvs extensively or manually edit to remove any setuptools garbage.


  2. I suspect that the lost build history is due to your build/event/log horizons?

  3. I don't know, it could be. "build/event/log horizons" are a somewhat new BuildBot feature, right? I haven't learned about them yet, or set up any particular configuration for them.