Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Software Failures

I ran out of space on / on my desktop today. As a result of this three obviously wrong things happened. First, joe truncated a file to zero bytes and then segfaulted. Second, emacs truncated a file I was working on to zero bytes. Third, sticky notes lost all of my notes. If you write and release software that behaves like this, you need to be embarrassed.


  1. The problem here in the silly old C Lib file library that has been under everything since 1 and 0s first crawled out of the ocean to spawn Unix.

    Every moder application language has the seem stupid junk:
    1. You need to write you disaster recovery thingee, with preallocation, frequent writes, backup file management, etc.
    2. The "open" equivalent always takes an argument to differentiate "open for read" from "open for write" which totally screws up grep-ability.
    3. The ideas of "what to do with errors" isn't next to opening the file, but buried down in each individual read/write.

    Bleh. Woodpeckers++ = Civilizations--

  2. Today's message is brought to you by the letter "A", which stands for "Atomic via rename".