Monday, July 30, 2007

random update plus reading list for june/july

I was on vacation last week. I took some pictures. Go look at them.

Also, not related, I beat Guitar Hero II on hard tonight.


  • Name of the Rose. Umberto Eco.

  • Glasshouse. Charles Stross.

  • Children of the Lens. Edward E. Smith, Ph.D.

  • Linguistics and Politics. Noam Chomsky & Mitsou Ronat.

  • The New Space Opera. Edited by Gardner Dozois & Jonathan Strahan. Includes stories by Gwyneth Jones, Ian McDonald, Robert Reed, Paul J. McAuley, Greg Egan, Kage Baker, Peter F. Hamilton, Ken Macleod, Tony Daniel, James Patrick Kelly, Alastair Reynolds, Mary Rosenblum, Stephen Baxter, Robert Silverberg, Gregory Benford, Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, and Dan Simmons (curse you, Dan Simmons).

I also started to read Man-Kzin Wars III which I bought accidentally (in various sense of the word), but realized halfway through the first story that I'd read it already.

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