Sunday, December 17, 2006

A man walks into a bar. What'll it be? asks th...

A man walks into a bar.

What'll it be? asks the bartender.

Replies the man, Tell me, where could I find a non-alcoholic drink which will get me just as inebriated as that fine scotch just behind you?

Ahh, I don't know, but perhaps you'd like some of that scotch?

No, I don't drink alcohol. Goodbye.

If something about this conversation strikes you as odd, then you are dissimilar to a good number of programmers in at least one way.


  1. Call me slow, but this is about programming language bigotry, isn't it?

  2. I figured it was static typing v. duck typing.

  3. It's simpler.

    It's about people rejecting known solutions and seeking others using few criteria other than the exclusion of a known solution.

  4. Okay, yeah, that's the general idea I got - for some reason I specialized it to choice of programming language.