Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Superpower

I have a superpower. Without forethought or planning, I can arrive at a bus station at precisely the moment a bus is preparing to leave, so that I board it and it departs without any delay.

I may have other superpowers: I'm not certain. Among the superpowers I do not possess are:

  • Speed greater than that of a speeding bullet; power greater than that of a locomotive; prowess to leap such that tall buildings are negotiated in one or fewer bounds (all these tested in the proximity of a yellow star; research under the influence of other celestial bodies is ongoing).

  • I am not physically incapable of being drunk.

  • Probably something to do with lemurs. Reports here are sketchy.

That sums up the current state of my superpowers. If you were looking for technical content on Axiom or Mantissa, stay tuned: there is some on the way.


  1. There's no point to leaping buildings anyway if all that you find on the other side is that five buses are all pulling away from the kerb and leaving you to wait for an hour. So you're doing fine really, all things considered, even if the locomotive power would be cooler.

  2. On-time Man! That is like the best superhero ever.
    I wonder who his arch-nemesis would be, though

  3. Anyone reading this probably thinks I'm completely insane for posting this over 3 years later, but that wigu comic can now be found at: