Sunday, January 2, 2011

Question About Hardware

What does it mean if, when nothing but main and EPS power and a CPU are connected to my Asus P5K Premium motherboard (as well as when all my usual peripherals are connected), it resets itself apparently at random, typically between one to ten seconds after powering on?  Or what can I do to find out what it means?


  1. Depends on how far it's actually booted... if it's getting into bios territory, flaky power comes to mind. If it's pre-bios doing anything, miswired power, or you've got a screwy mobo (my gb ex58 likes to do that across bios upgrades for example).

  2. Since it posts, I guess that means it's getting into BIOS territory. I'm tempted to buy a power supply tester. But I'm also tempted to throw it all out of a second story window and start from scratch.

  3. JP,

    1) My bet is on bad motherboard wiring / power supply. Random resets could be caused by heat sensors panicking in error or just a plain old short.
    2) If it is under warranty and is replicable by tech support , then do not waste time and get ir replaced.

  4. Can be a faulty power controller on the mobo.

    Has your motherboard undergone any interesting adventures recently, including power surges, faulty PSUs and the like?

    After mine did (and it was my fault, could not tell red from black), it exhibited very similar symptoms. As both motherboard and the PSU were beyond warranty, I resorted to replacing both and get on with it.

  5. Thanks for the extra tips. The problem turned out to be that the POWER SW cable was shorted. :/ Nothing in particular happened (that I know of, anyway), just passage of time I guess.