Friday, October 30, 2009

Price Comparison

HDMI Male to DVI Male Cable
The same thing for 7999 times the price


  1. I presume that at the time you posted this, the one via Amazon was $0.01. It's currently $0.34, but the thing this fails to take into account is that these cheap-ass prices often make it up in shipping.

    Comparing it with shipping, you get $3.81 versus $80.98, or a more "reasonable" 21-times price gouging.

    I say this because I've learned to be *VERY* careful about these very inexpensive prices on Amazon. Recently I was looking for some charging and retractable cables for our new phones, and these less-than-a-buck deals ended up being closer to $10 each when 8 of them were purchased together, with shipping.

    I ended up buying from a place that had them for $5 each, but would combine shipping and the price was closer to $6 each.

    Ditto for the cheap used CDs on Amazon. Because you almost never get combined shipping, those $5 used CDs almost always cost $10 each. Compared to new prices of $8 to $14, the used CDs are not such a good bargain. The used discs are a tough decision, considering that about 1 out of 5 "like new" used CDs I've bought have been badly scratched, and 3 of the remainder are scratched (but only a little). Only about 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 "like new" CDs I've gotten would I really consider to live up to the claim.

    There's my rant for today.

    Sean Reifschneider

  2. cablewholesale usually gets my business. shipping is ridiculous from any company thanks mostly to the transport, but i usually just combine several orders and then the shipping works out well.