Friday, December 29, 2006

November / December reading list

I've done some things different with this list. First, I've ordered them in terms of relative objective quality from best to worst. Second, of those which, were I to be struck in the head and lose the last two months of my memories (but only after having written a note to myself suggesting reading material), I would read again, I have linked via my Amazon Affiliate account (most likely a waste of time - but it is an experiment!) to a web page where each may be purchased.

Oh and here is one more which I could not, in good conscience, include at any position in the above list, even though the ordering is mostly a joke:

Relativity: The Special and the General Theory. Albert Einstein.

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  1. ...but felt it fizzled towards the end. Knowing that it was originally written as a series of short stories, I got the impression that Stross was in a hurry to wrap up the story, and didn't give it the proper regard that it needed. Maybe he had another project that he wanted to focus on. I'll probably still read Glasshouse, sooner or later.