Saturday, March 4, 2006

cProfile and kcachegrind

Armin Rigo's cProfile is pretty cool, and will be in Python 2.5. KCacheGrind is basically the most awesome profile analysis tool I have ever seen. But how can you use cProfile with KCacheGrind? Itamar and I took a patch against lsprof (cProfile's immediate ancestor) from David Allouche's blog, changed it to be a stand-alone module and updated it to work with cProfile. It's pretty awesome. If you are profiling Python you almost certainly cannot live without it.


  1. Have you considered submitting this for inclusion in Python 2.5? If you can't be bothered with the hell of SF's tracker, mind if I submit it? This is way cool.

  2. Since he wrote original code. JP and I are fine with this I'm sure. --itamarst

  3. Isn't this a newer version of the same module: